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Some random notes on Rachel Flynn’s Lessons Learned, Now You All Deal With This talk.

Richmond’s departing Director of Community Planning / Über Urban Planner Rachel Flynn spoke to Green Drinks. Rachel Flynn’s speech was much about confirming the thoughts of this choir, although her parting advice for urban planning was invaluable. Here’s what Copeland and Scott remembered after the ‘drinks:

Transit: Transportation – Multi-modal transportation where the bus has a dedicated lane, bikes, multiple ways to access transit.

Her history of Richmond transit, incorporating the trolley system, and research shows – “People will walk to travel 1/2 – 1/4 of a mile to transit”

Get rid of one way streets, and Go On A Road Diet: Why all the eight lane highways as “Entrances To The City”? They end up widening roads when the perception of a Richmond Entrance changes routinely. Think about those crazy suburban Short Pump and Midlothian six lane highways that are supposedly Residential Roads. Those roads say (our words) – “we don’t like people, we’re cynical about the future, get used to it.” They don’t say: “come on in, we’d love for you to stay a while.”


“This used to be a progressive city. What happened?” – Chris Maxwell

“Suburbanization happened.” – Rachel Flynn

River: Development yet protection of the park system of the river front – not developing on the riverfront, but near it, creating greater access.

Neighborhoods: Mixed income as a way to bring people out of the projects : “They don’t want to live in the projects to begin with” – neighborhoods incorporating mixed income and opportunity, which fosters growth of small businesses.

95 Profile: Lost opportunity to project our city onto travel- why you visit from what you see on 95? Give travelers a reason to stop in.